Canyoning in Pitrisconi and 4x4 Tour in Monte Nieddu


Monte Nieddu of Padru is a massif located in a area of Gallura characterized by rocky and granite mountains overlooking the sea. Its peak is Punta Maggiore (Majore), located at an height of 971 meters above sea level. The area has become famous since it hosts a vast hiking trail but mainly two exciting activities: the Canyoning in Rio Pitrisconi and the 4x4 Tour between the natural pools and the Palemonti watchtower (615 meters above sea level).


Canyoning in Rio Pitrisconi

Rio Pitrisconi is a deep granite canyon where the river is flowing through the water of the entire Monte Nieddu massif of Padru. This waterway offers a unique and wonderful sight for all adventurous tourists who want to discover this unspoilt corner of Sardinia. We will shower in wonderful emerald-colored natural pools, cross large waterfalls, jump and have fun with water slides. Canyoning in Rio Pitrisconi is simply unmissable! 




Tour in 4x4 at Monte Nieddu di Padru, Pitrisconi and Palemonti


Mount Nieddu of Padru with its natural pools and beautiful scenic spots can be reached even by those who are not confident with trekking and canyoning. Our 4x4 car will take you to the most scenic locations and the emerald pools where you can admire the whole Gallura and make a refrigerant swim. This is our 4x4 tour also ideal for families. Finally, a gastronomic tasting will be the icing on the cake ...






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